Smart Bakery Cleaning with Steam and Microfibre

Bakery Equipment Cleaning Supplies

Whether or not you are new to bakery business – you know that one of the biggest challenges of running the store is maintaining the sanitation of all the areas. Bacteria and germs can be easily appearing anywhere and contaminating your bread quality. If you fail to maintain hygiene standards you could face closing down in just a flick of time.


These 4 key tips are to be considered to replace your manual cleaning method with efficient technology.

1. Steam clean instead of broom, mop and bucket

Sweeping can make your surface dustier because any messes of flour or dust on the floor will become airborne and will settle on your countertops. Mopping with a chemical agent that is not environmentally friendly creates strong smell or toxic that will give a significant impact on the taste of your baked goods.

Traditionally, you would be easier using a mop and bucket to clean the floor. But the kitchen floor is so dirty that the water easily turns dark and oily. Our steam vapour technology will remove all the old procedures with these simple steps: refill the tank with half a glass of water, turn on the machine, and start steaming the floor in all areas – imagine how quick and easy can this process be done.

Bakery Kitchen Floor Cleaning Equipment

2. How to clean tough grease

Some surfaces are tougher to clean than others. Some corners might be hard to reach, some shelves may be too high to clean, hence often the case your staff will leave it until another month. Steam clean with the help of a microfibre pad will help to eliminate the stacked dust very easily without getting the dust inside your bakery. Microfibre picks up the dirt, rather than carrying the contaminants around like cloths, as well as a good alternative to detergent, water, and other chemicals.


Bakery Steam Cleaning Equipment and Tools

3. Detail cleaning made easy

Baking oven, baking tray, baking stones, backing rack and other large variety of equipment are often really hard to clean. Regular detail cleaning is necessary to ensure that it is ready for the next production. Instead of cleaning them with sponge or brush, water and soap, we replace them with many additional tools of steam vapour so that it can be used for many detailing purposes. This will also reduce cleaning time and physical effort.


Bakery Manufacturing Machinery Steam Cleaning Tools

4. What to do with canopies and other high rise surfaces

Canopies and filters should be cleaned regularly to keep them grease-free. Especially the case with outlets that often have to conduct regular canopy cleaning for insurance purposes. Traditionally you might need a ladder while spraying chemicals and scrubbing the dirt and grease – however, our steam vapour machines are equipped with extension stick so you can safely clean from the ground with high-temperature steam.

Kitchen Canopy and High rise Area Cleaning Machines

If you are an owner of a commercial bakery factory or a local bakery shop, you may relax now and let the steam cleaner system do the cleaning job for you. Start using the bakery cleaning system to improve the process.

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