Sterilising Cheese Factory The Eco-Friendly Way

Cheese Manufacturing Cleaning

There is a lot to watch for all the dairy farmers - proper sanitation, food safety, and personal hygiene practices which are important to protect consumers from getting ill and protect the cheese quality for the business. Hence they often found themselves stuck in the same issue: to ease the process, dangerous chemicals and excessive water are being used. Not with our very own cleaning system, though.

Why chemicals are not a good idea for cleaning in cheese manufacturing factory plant:

Chemicals are dangerous, especially if not handled properly. With human error being the most common thing happens within the workplace, we don’t want to risk utilising both manual handling and chemicals. Cross-contamination which is very common to happen within the cleaning process is impossible to avoid if chemicals are still being used. Example of cross-contamination such as handling or touching animals, or touching the glove that was used to hold chemicals, followed by handling cheese with the same unclean hands.

Proper safe solution

Duplex steam machines can quickly disinfect all your nooks and crannies within conveyor belts, transport systems and rollers. Also, includes your storage racks and other processing equipment. Surfaces dry within a few seconds after cleaning. This is possible due to the high temperature of the steam (up to 180 degrees Celsius) instantly eliminates pathogens, and unwanted microorganisms by disinfecting the hardest areas to reach.

cheese manufacturing systems equipment sanitising with steam cleaners

Our floor cleaners can clean the large floor areas very quickly, doing all the three tasks include sweeping-steaming-scrubbing-drying all at one go. This allows surfaces to dry instantly and eliminates the risk of slipping and falling on floors, cutting a large amount of downtime without drainage.

cheese factory floor cleaning with Duplex surface scrubber

Detail cleaning is the easiest as our machines support different head and toolkit that will support you through cleaning the dirt and oils stuck in the carts, cutters, or melt tanks.

cheese factory equipment detailing with steam attachment

Conveyor belt cleaning can be set up affixed with no production downtime.

cheese factory conveyor belt sanitiser system

It’s fast, effective and versatile. If your cleaning system needs to step out of its traditional rut, consider going to a steam machine and transform the way you do cleaning at your factory.

For more information or a free demonstration on-site, please give Duplex a call today on 1800 622 770 or visit our dedicated information page on specialised cheese manufacturing factory cleaning.

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