The Easy Way to Degrease a Commercial Kitchen

Degreasing a commercial kitchen with steam vacuum cleaner

Keeping the kitchen clean is essential for any company in the food processing or service industry. Meeting strict sanitation standards is must; however, it can certainly be a challenge. A powerful steam vacuum cleaner like the Jetvac Inox can definitely help you with that and here’s the reason why.



Steam Vacuum Cleaner Facts

Cleaning a commercial kitchen can be time-consuming and difficult. You will have to deal with grease, sugar deposits, scum, and bacteria. The norm would be to use a mop to clean the floor; however, it actually just spreads the grease and bacteria across the floor. Steam cleaners are your best choice to sanitizing and removing all the dirt in the kitchen. Here are some important facts that will help you decide why you should use a steam vacuum cleaner like Jetvac Inox.

Deep Cleaning

Unlike other cleaning implements, a steam vacuum cleaner can deeply penetrate areas that are normally difficult to clean such as grouting, cracks, or crevices. The hot vapour from the cleaner softens dirt and saponifies grime and grease all without damaging the surface.

Save Water

Commercial kitchens have a wide array of equipment that needs to be sanitized frequently. Often times, cleaning it would take a lot of time and consume a lot of water. With the use of steam vacuum cleaners, the use of water and chemicals are greatly reduced.

Remove Bacteria

Steam vacuum cleaners do not focus on killing bacteria but in attaining the highest level of sanitation. A steam vacuum cleaner like Jetvac Inox produces steam at of at least 165°C, thus, effectively removing pathogens. A commercial kitchen must be properly sanitized and cleaned. Using chemicals will damage surfaces and equipment in the long run. Steam vacuum cleaners will not only allow you to clean and sanitize your kitchen safely but enables you to do it in a shorter span of time as well.

 the easy way to degrease commercial kitchen with steam vapor


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