The fastest way to clean floors for contract cleaners

floor cleaner in the floors

The floor may be the last to get cleaned during a top down cleaning job, but it’s one of the most important applications of the cleaning process. You can have spotless windows, dust-free surfaces and squeaky clean kitchens, but if the floor is a mess than it brings down the whole presentation and “clean” feel of the room or area.

To keep customer floors spot, dirt and dust free, regular cleaning is essential. Although mandatory, it doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out process.

Here are key rules to follow when it comes to carpet cleaning equipment and processes in order to achieve a fast yet efficient clean.

  • Vacuum:

    The first step of floor cleaning process is vacuuming. The vacuum should be a high-powered, commercial HEPA grade product. This type of carpet cleaning machine is what you need to completely suck up any dust and dirt particles, and don’t leave anything trapped within the fibres and pores of a surface.
  • Floor scrubber:

    This is the part where most people bring out a mop and bucket. However, the mop is a highly inefficient cleaning tools and only spreads bacteria around a floor rather than “mop” it up as the name might suggest. Take a look at carpet cleaning machines for sale, and look at carpet floor scrubbers. These machines replace mops and steam cleaning machines all in the one unit. The carpet cleaning machine for sale should be able to wash, scrub and dry all floors in a single pass. Carpet floor scrubbers are also highly transportable and manoeuvrable.
  • Steam cleaning machines for floors:

    Floor scrubbers are great, but sometimes depending on your floor and how dirty it is, a steaming option is also ideal. You can find carpet cleaning machines for sale that are both a floor scrubber and a steamer in one. It should wash and steam your carpets in a single pass, allowing for a deep deodourisation of your carpet.
  • Spraying:

    If you are cleaning stone floors like- marble, granite, travertine etc. a tile cleaning spray can be very effective to get a quick result. After spraying, use floor scrubbers to wash, scrub and dry the floor surface.

Take a look at our dedicated floor cleaning page to find different floor cleaning machines for sale and their effective use.

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