The Importance of Disinfection and Regular Cleaning in Horeca and Function Venues

Pubs and Bars surfaces cleaning

It’s commonly accepted that lack of proper hygiene, insalubrity and unclean places are the perfect spawning ground for germs, viruses and other bacteria. As such, horeca, pubs, bars and similar venues where people come together and socialize, can be risky places if they are unclean.

If we want to contain the new Coronavirus and stop it from spreading for instance, we should redouble our efforts in educating people on how to prevent infection.

What’s the best way to cleanse public venues of microbial organisms?

We, at Duplex Cleaning Machines, have specialized in developing steam and vapour-based technologies that target germs, viruses and bacteria in all their forms. It is well-known that these microbial organisms don’t survive high temperatures. Considering that our Jetsteam Maxi Inox Package delivers dry steam vapour at +180 degrees, nothing survives.

Our tools can be easily used to sanitize and cleanse pubs, hotel facilities, bars, and other function venues where people socialize. These facilities should be free from all germs, bacteria and viruses, since the potential risks of a virus spreading are that much higher.

 restaurant floor cleaning with thermoglide

Restaurant kitchen deep cleaning

The environment is as clean or as contaminated as we allow it to be

We create and maintain the conditions we live in and we must abide by certain codes of conduct when it comes to hygiene. Considering the underlying risks and deadly implications that could arise as a result of improper hygiene (the new Coronavirus is a perfect example of this), the conclusion is clear.

It’s beyond important to ensure the regular cleaning of public spaces such as bars, pubs, and other public venues. It’s in our best interest and the interest of those we love, after all. The tools and technologies that we at Duplex Cleaning Machines provide, are ideal for addressing these concerns.

Contact us for cleaning solutions to minimise the risks of infection outbreaks within your facility.

If you are interested in knowing more about our steam range across all facility types within the pubs and bars industry, call us on 1800 622 770 to make a complimentary no obligation demo at your site or simply submit online form on our website.

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