Avoid Wet Floors- Use Thermo Glide Steam Mops

The “mop and bucket” is a 3000 year old, outdated cleaning method and one that public venues centres should no longer be using.

The use of damp mopping methods don’t meet the high standard of cleanliness and hygiene required for the healthcare and public venues industry.

Some disadvantages include:

  • Regularly changing bucket water is a time-consuming and labour-intensive task.
  • The overuse of chemicals seen in mop and bucket cleaning further redistributes the bacteria.
  • Mops often deteriorate quickly, and when used in this condition, this results in a poor/ineffective cleaning job
  • Mops have limited absorbents leaving floors wet and slippery – opening up your business to OH&S hazards and bacteria build up.



On the other hand, Duplex Cleaning Machines’ Thermoglide thermal sanitising system works in a much different way as it performs fast and effective on floor cleaning and even on ceilings or walls that are difficult to reach.

Thermoglide thermal system‘s benefits include:

  • Light and very easy to use;
  • Equipped with the superheated dry steam at highest temperature up to 180°C, the Thermoglide effectively decontaminates 99.9 per cent of bacteria on contact, and melts as well as emulsifies all dirt, mold, greases at once;
  • No need to refill mop buckets or adding chemicals;
  • Has a long power cord to assist cleaning small or large floor areas without unplugging it from the outlet;
  • Cleans twice as fast and twice as clean thus increasesing productivity and reducing time;
  • Can be used to clean tiles, wood, marble, slate, cement and many more;
  • Reduces environmental waste and cuts water consumption;
  • Can be used with microfiber cloths; microfiber cloths are highly absorbent, stain resistant and doesn’t require chemicals to use.



avoid pools of water on floors- get faster drying times with a Thermoglide Steam Mop

Replace your old damp mop with a new and effective steam mopping method. It is a unique solution that does not only make cleaning maintenance fast and easy but also saves on labour and cleaning cost.

For more information or an onsite demonstration, visit Duplex Cleaning Machines , leading supplier of exclusive range of commercial and industrial cleaning machines throughout Australia and New Zealand, on 1800 622 770 or email to info[at]duplexcleaning.com.au. Alternatively submit your enquiry online on our enquiry form.

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