Three ways to deep clean kitchen floors

kitchen stainless steel equipment detailing

People usually tend to think cleaning the kitchen floor is an easy task. A simple mop and bucket job.

However, the truth is that the cleaning process is more difficult that most might realize. Not to mention it has to be done regularly, because the more sanitised the kitchen environment and the more efforts we put into the cleaning process, the easier it will be to maintain the hygiene.


So, here are some crucial aspects linked to kitchen cleaning that take things to the professional level:


1. A thorough deep-cleaning with the use of floor cleaning machines

Floorscrubbers are the key because it deals with all the initial dirt. In the kitchen, that usually means crumbles, chunks of food or any type of leftovers from cleaning your vegetables and other preparation. It is essential to include floor cleaning machines in the mix, thanks to its reduced size, combined with a high maneuverability and top-notch performance. Because it can use steam, this professional tool can quickly deal with those greasy floors nobody likes and everyone fears.

floor cleaning with scrubber

2. Follow with a JetSteam Maxi for outstanding results

Besides a floorscrubber, you can also use a Jetsteam Maxi with a thermoglide attachment. Clean your floors in long laps, and it will completely break down the grease, leaving your kitchen floor as good as new. The intensive steam vapor feature can run 24/7 and its power and efficiency is unmatched. The kitchen floor needs to be pristine on a daily basis, which means you need to spare no expenses to make sure that is the case.

floor cleaning with jetsteam maxi thermoglide system

3. Finish with a fast dry

After all the cleaning has finished, if you have used a professional floor cleaning machine or a machine that uses steam vapour, your floors should be dry within minutes.

floor drying steaming machine

Going pro has never been easier

As long as you know what you are doing and what tools to use, you will have no problem performing a professional cleaning job. Start resorting to grade A tools and the results will improve significantly.

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