Maintain Spa and Sauna Hygiene with Steam

Hot summer days can lead to moist and damp conditions, creating a breeding ground for the infestation of bacteria in day spa and sauna centres. The build-up of body fats and hairs, excess oils and bacteria can contribute to disease outbreaks among your regular patrons.

Are your cleaning methods effectively cleaning the following key areas of concern?

  • Pipes
  • Tiles
  • Pools
  • Jacuzzi bath
  • Pumps
  • Jets
  • Grout
  • Lobbies and waiting rooms
  • Showers and bathrooms

Follow these top 5 useful tips to improve hygiene in spa and sauna centres:

  1. Open windows and doors. It's the best way to get dirty air moving out, and fresh air moving in.
  2. Use Duplex compact steam cleaners to disinfect, sanitise and deodorise all types of surfaces.
  3. Embrace natural ingredients such as vinegar.
  4. Avoid bleach and harmful chemicals as these chemicals are highly toxic.
  5. Use microfibre. Avoid paper towels and one-time tools.

Ideal Duplex cleaning machines for cleaning and disinfecting spa and sauna include:

For more information on Duplex products or enquire for an on-site demonstration to clean your spa / sauna centre, call 1800 622 770 or submit online enquiry form

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