Top 3 Worst Obstacles In Hospitality Industry towards the Spring Racing Festival season (and how to do a quick deep cleaning!)

Restaurant Cleaning For Racing Festival Season

It’s the month of The Spring Racing Season - and we hope you are ready with your marketing efforts, getting more bookings and fabulous private luncheons to glamour up your dining hall.


Although the Spring Racing Festival is claimed to be the most time-intensive days in hospitality. Where you can find the different type of consumers - colonials, consumerists and corporates that love to dress all pretty while binge drinking the whole afternoon.

Regardless, we still must look after our customers, and maintaining hygiene at all times.

Some of the things you want to focus on while preparing for the spring racing crowds:

kitchen steam cleaning and degreasing for busy spring season

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Whether your floor is carpeted or tiled, timber or vinyl, ensure that your floor cleaning is going to be efficient for the busy season. First, you don’t want the floor to look dirty. Second, you still want to provide the best experience with a good level of hygiene. Third, your floor would be the most frequent areas to be dirty amidst busy times.

Steam vapour and Duplex floor scrubber have been addressing the hospitality floor cleaning issues. The high-temperature steam produced at more than 180 degrees Celsius heat is proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria each usage. The fast drying time will help to keep your facilities, in any areas, open to foot traffic, and move forward with the busy day. No more flooring downtime.

Duplex equipment is also designed to eliminate the repetitive injuries, slips and chemical use associated with the traditional method which is a mop and bucket. Minimising the risk of injuries and slips that provides safety for everyone.


restaurant floor area steam cleaning

High Volume Kitchen Cleaning

A busy kitchen requires regular hourly cleaning, but using the traditional method and/or chemicals will be contradictory to the food production where a high level of hygiene is required. Areas need to be cleaned of all time, and the presence of chemicals will trigger the development of another gastro outbreaks. Steam technology becomes the safest option - no chemicals required, hence your kitchen do not risk of getting intoxicated.

restaurant kitchen and commercial area steam cleaning

Stains, Grease, Spillages Removal

Getting ready with a high volume of alcoholic customers means getting ready for all the possible scenarios of frequent spillages, stains, and grease all over your premises! Ensure that you deep clean your place well before the crowd arrives, and enough gear to clean it amidst the peak hours.

Steam vapour becomes our customers’ favourite solution for cleaning stains, grease or spillage within seconds, without having to use bleach or too much effort in cleaning.

restaurant patron guest seating and furniture steam cleaning

If you are an owner of a hospitality venue or facility, consider implementing a steam cleaning system to ensure the hygiene across all facilities within the hospitality venue.

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