Top Six Cleaning Challenges for Swimming Pool or Leisure Centre

Challenges for cleaning swimming pools and leisure centres

With hot weather just around the corner, swimming pools and other leisure centres are buckling up to keep up with the crowd. Don’t turn this good news into something bad without having the right equipment ready to deep clean before the peak season.

We put together the most challenging tasks of cleaning a pool centre to help you address your problem and find the right solution to get the job done.

1. Removing Leaves and Debris

This is the first step of your weekly maintenance routine, and you want to make sure that it can be done very quickly.

Use a long-handled leaf skimmer to gather up leaves, insects, and any other debris floating on the surface of the pool.

Do this before the debris sinks to the bottom of the pool - otherwise, you will create stains. Keep your water looking crystal clear, before it turns the water green and clogs up your filtration system.

Removing debris from swimming pool surfaces


2. Removing Sediment from Pool Walls

Algae and small bits of debris can all stick to the walls of the pool. Clean it regularly to remove dirt and stains, also prevent the spread of algae in the water.

Easily clean the sediment with the steam machine so you can get this task done in less time. The high heat produced at higher than 180 degrees Celsius helps to kill bacteria, algae, and debris in seconds. Equipment that helps you to get things done faster will always be handy and worth investing in for the peak season.

Sediment Removal from Swimming Pool Walls


3. Cleaning Pool Sides and Pool Ladder

Cleaning the pool sides and ladder needs to be done every week. Most of the time people use the brush to clean sides and ladder, but for us, using a steam vacuum machine is more efficient to get everything done at once. It has never been easy to clear away the dirt grime and let the poolside dry in minutes.

Clean pool sides and pool ladder to deep disinfect


4. Sanitising Large Surfaces and Corridors

You only need one tool to clean everything - and why cleaning corridors and a large hall with mop and bucket?

You only need to change the head of the steam vapour machine to get the job done in different areas.

Apart from the steam vapour machine, our floor scrubber also will enable you to clean large areas faster and cleaner than mop and bucket.

Cleaning large surfaces and common areas within swimming centre and leisure clubs


5. Cleaning Furniture

Furniture is probably the last thing a cleaner would invest time in unless there are visible marks or stains of dirt, grease, or spillage. However, cleaning it regularly to ensure hygiene so it does not spread bacteria from one customer to another.

Steam vapour machine can clean and disinfect upholstery, teakwood furniture, plastic and resin chairs, and many others. Our wide range of additional toolkits is useful in many applications, including narrow corners and stubborn stains.

Clean furniture and public upholstered spaces within swimming centre and leisure clubs


6. Disinfect Showers and Change Rooms

While the crowd keeps populating your facility, it gets very critical to speed up your bathroom cleaning. Clean toilets, urinals, sinks, floors, and walls using less than a glass of water, and thermally sanitises all surfaces so it does not need any more chemicals. Using additional microfibre mitt instead of cotton cloth, you don’t need to worry about having to wipe it twice to ensure that it gets dry.

Disinfect bathroom surfaces and changeroom facilities with steam vapour

Do not forget to regularly clear the drain - steam vapour machine will also help you do this for as little as three seconds.


Not only leisure centres and swimming pool facilities can fast track their cleaning process, but the steam vapour is also helpful to assist in further detail cleaning, floor steaming and furniture cleaning. Consider using Duplex's steam vapour cleaning system to completely sanitise and disinfect high-traffic areas and most frequently touched surfaces in the swimming pool clubs and leisure centres.

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