Touch Point Infection Control Cleaning Training Sessions

Receive practical "touch point" cleaning training for your healthcare facility.

We are offering a 1 hour session at your facility on touch point cleaning practices to ensure your facility is meeting infection control cleaning quality and standards.Training sessions will commence from September 2014. Training costs $200 per session for an unlimited number of staff and facility members to attend. We have limited bookings available, so reserve your no-obligation space today! Our training session covers the following topics:
Identification of Touch Point Cleaning

Identification of key touch points: Identify crucial key touch points to deep clean;

Infection Control Process

Correct workflow and processes for key touch point cleaning: Learn how to clean touch points within key

Recording and Auditing

Recording and auditing: learn to use invis markers to cross check whether a surface has been cleaned

Register your interest online in our Duplex Infection Control website.

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