Christmas 2018 Promo - Get your code today

2018 Duplex Christmas Promotion

The Duplex Christmas Promotion

Celebrate the XMAS promotion this season with Duplex Cleaning Machines.

Claim your promo code to redeem the XMAS bonus offers

Browse through the promotional offers, submit the form to redeem bonus items.

Offer 1 - Buy Jetsteam Maxi Get free upgrade to Maxi Inox

Offer 1 - Buy Jetsteam MaxiGet free Upgrade to jetsteam Maxi Inox

Offer 2 - Buy Jetsteam Maxi Inox get free mini mop kit

Offer 2 - Buy Jetsteam Maxi InoxGet free Mini Mop Kit

Offer 3 - Buy any Duplex machine get free brush or Duplex Trolley

Offer 3 - Buy any Duplex machineGet free brush or Duplex Trolley

Few easy steps to complete your order

Step 1> Select an offer

Step 2> Fill up the form to claim a promo code

Step 3> Receive e-mail notification from Duplex

Step 4> Purchase and present coupon code to your authorised Duplex dealer.

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*Terms and conditions apply.Offer ends 14th December 2018

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