Clean Air

What is a CleanAir?

The CleanAir is an ultra high filtration dry vacuum cleaner designed for use where air quality and low noise levels are of high importance.

With a three stage filtration system the CleanAir prevents 99.997% of harmful dust particles, pollutants and bacteria from being released back into the air after being vacuumed of the floor surface.

In addition to ultra high filtration, the CleanAir is also exceptionally quiet and features a lower decibel rating than just about any vacuum on the market. This is due to a special design and quality insulation that reduces motor noise. CleanAir is also the quietest vacuum you will come across.

Clean Air

Why use the CleanAir instead of a standard vacuum?

Without a true HEPA high filtration system, very fine dust particles come straight off the floor into your respitory system. These particles could include:

  • • C-Dif - Bacteria
  • • Dust Mites - Viruses
  • • MRSA - Pollen
  • • Dust Mite Faeces - Fungus

These pollutants may remain airborne for up to 24 hours. This means there is a good chance they will be inhaled by staff, residents or yourself!

Advantages and Benefits of Using CleanAir

  • •Ultra Quiet - So quiet you won’t even notice it is on
  • •Very Light - So easy to use
  • •3 Stage Filtration - Reduces the spread of potentially dangerous microscopic particles and kills ALL bacteria, MRSA and VRE, mite faeces
  • •Super Stable - very hard to topple over like some other vacuums
  • •Reduces Asthma - prevent dust that cause irritation from becoming airborne
  • •Easily replaced cable.

Reduce hospital acquired infections:

  • •The high filtration HEPA cleaner, combined with Allergyguard®
  • •Captures nasty bugs in the filter and then Allergyguards® kills them MRSA, VRE, C-Dephisil
  • •Reduces the spread of infection.
  • •Captures potentially dangerous particles that are smaller than 1 micron.

Eliminate Microbial pollutants and ‘Sick Building’ Syndrome`.

  • •Prevent microbia pollutants from triggering potential respiratory system problems
  • •Protect people who are more susceptible; the elderly, infants, burns victims and other vulnerable people; from microbial pollutants with the CLEANAIR.
  • •Ordinary vacuuming spreads dust mites, pollens and dust mite faeces into the air which can cause major problems with respiratory system problems, such as Asthma
  • •The CLEANAIR Vacuum high filtration system captures all of these particles, reducing Asthma worries.

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How Clean Air Works


How it works:

  1. The CLEANAIR sucks dust, pollutants and bacteria from your floor
  2. Triple layer dustbag is the first stage filtration process capturing all the large pollutants
  3. Small pollutants are trapped in the second stage - Allergy Guard® treated - filter, killing bacteria and viruses on contact
  4. HEPA exhaust filter, the third stage filtration, stops the remaining particles up to .3 microns.
  5. The result is clean, fresh air
how clean air works

Unique Features
Clean Air

clean air

Standard Accessories for the CleanAir

  • • Large 9 litre Dust Bag (Pic 1)
  • • Two onboard tools (Pic 3,4)
  • • Extendable Tube (Pic 5)
  • • 2.5m Stretch vacuum hose (Pic 6)
  • • HEPA Filter (Pic 10)
  • • Exhaust Alergy Guard Cartridge
  • • Hour Meter
  • • Ultra stable design

Clean Air Accessories
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Technical specs


Clean Air

Weight 8 kg
Maximum Sound 55 dB
Height 350mm
Settings Super Quiet or Ultra Quiet
Filter Type Yes
Suction Power 2500mm
Cord Length 15m
Detachable Cable Yes


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