High Performance Cleaning Chemicals

Our range of cleaning chemical supplies consists of chemical products for both cleaning and machine maintenance. These chemical cleaning products supplied include low suds carpet detergent, suds neutraliser, urine contamination treatment, hospital grade alcohol disinfectants, chewing gum removing solvent, non toxic citric acid based descaler, industrial degreaser and rubber lubricating silicon spray. Further information including MSDS on the Duplex range of cleaning chemical supplies is provided below:

unwanted soap can trap odours within carpets and textiles- this product will break those detergent suds and stop odours from being retained

Fix It

Flotex Fit It is a suds neutraliser that breaks down unwanted soap and detergent suds in carpets that may be trapping stains and odours.

Download Fix-It MSDS

detergent with low suds, for use in cleaning flotex or floors with an impervious base which could make vacuum extraction less effective

Clean It

Clean It is a low suds detergent developed for use on impervious backed carpets like Flotex where vacuum extraction is less efficient.

Download Clean-It MSDS

powerful sanitizing disinfectant for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities, including aged care homes


Viraclean is an alcohol based hospital grade disinfectant that is great for use in Duplex floor scrubbers due to fast drying & sanitising.

Download Viraclean MSDS

remove lime scale and built up calcium deposits, with this citric acid based product- available in single use sachets or large containers

Expresso Kleen

ExpressoKleen is a non toxic citric acid based descaler for removing lime scale and calcium build-up in steamers. Sold in single use sachets.

Download ExpressoKleen MSDS

eradicate urine spills, ligering odours and contamination, with this specially formulated treatment

Urine Contamination Treatment

Developed for removal of urine spills and odours. Ideal for use in healthcare and accommodation.

Download Urine MSDS

maintain suppleness and form of rubber pickups on conveyor belts, and ensure they don’t dry out- with this professional grade silicon spray

Duplex Silicone Spray

Duplex Silicon is a rubber lubricant that is to be used to prevent the rubber pick up conveyor belts on the Duplex drying out.

Download Silicon Spray MSDS

tecnovap machine compatible chewing gum remover, designed for use on hard, porous and textile surfaces

Bivap Gum Remover

Bivap is a specially developed solvent for use in Tecnovap steam generators for cleaning chewing gum off hard and textile surfaces.

Download BiVap MSDS

powerful degreasing agent for use within manufacturing environments, engineering and mining plants

PowerKleen Degreaser

PowerKleen is just that, a power cleaning detergent that is great for cleaning and degreasing industrial surfaces.

Download PowerKleen MSDS

Download MSDS

degrease engines, drivetrains and industrial equipment with this general purpose solution developed to combat oil and petroleum-based contaminants

Solvene All Purpose Cleaner

Solvene is a natural citrus based solvent degreaser. This cleaner is suitable for degreasing engine parts, motors and other industrial equipment.

Download MSDS

specially formulated for easy removal of set chewing gum, from textile surfaces like carpets and hard surfaces like walls and timber floors- this solvent makes getting rid of stuck-on gum easy

Elimi Gum

Elimi Gum is a specially developed solvent for use for cleaning chewing gum off hard and textile surfaces.

Chemical Policy

Duplex Cleaning Machines only supplies a select range of specialist cleaning chemical products as we believe in the power of steam and microfibre for general cleaning.
microfibre / steam cleaners

To order any of these great cleaning chemical products send your order with relevant product requirements and full company details by fax or email.
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