The Mop is Dead, Get Cleaning - Get Dancing - Get Cordless : Get Free Wireless Earbuds, Claim Yours today! Book a DemoThe Mop is Dead, Get Cleaning - Get Dancing - Get Cordless - Get Free Wireless Earbuds, Claim Yours today! Book a Demo

The Mop is Dead!

It sweeps, it cleans, it scrubs and it driesIt sweeps, it cleans, it scrubs and it dries

Throw away the old mop and bucket.

Go Cordless!

The Duplex cordless range powered by Lithium Battery is designed to deep clean all floors without the use of chemicals. Built with the mechanics of a commercial floor scrubber but designed for smaller environments, this machine replaces mops, polishes and vacuums all in the one compact unit.

Developed with the user at the forefront of its design, its ergonomic features ensure you do more with the less effort, time and labour.

  • Lithium
  • Lithium evolve

For all kinds of floors

Duplex Lithium Evolve, with its dual brushes, has been designed for use on all floor surfaces, including carpets and rugs, significantly decreasing the expenses incurred in the cost of hiring cleaning professionals as well as eliminate the need of multiple different products.

Duplex Lithium is a very versatile machine. It works equally well on rubber, wooden flooring, terracota tiles, vinyl, ceramics, marble, stone, Flotex and carpets.

Cleans all different floors on carpeted and flooring surfaces


Wash, scrub and dry

wash, scrub and dry all in one

Using low water to clean a small to the medium sized commercial building or office . The Duplex Lithium Evolve allows you to control the amount of water that is fed onto the floor - no flooding or water waste.

Let the triple washing, scrubbing and drying system do all the work. The water tank clicks off for easy filling. Simply fill up at your nearest tap or leave the tank in place and pour in water from a bottle.

Dirty water is transported into the recovery tanks from the floor. The easy ‘lift out’ recovery tanks design allows for easy and fast emptying

Lithium floor machine can wash, scrub and dry in all surfaces


Cordless floor cleaning feature

No cords, no restrictions

No plug and cordless

Featuring a lightweight battery and cordless design

The Duplex Lithium Battery will go where you want to go.

Total Control

You are in total control

Clean right to the very edge, around objects and everywhere in between.

Duplex Lithium floor cleaner is Lightweight and transportable, portable everywhere

From the kitchen to carpets to the bathroom

This machine is transported between areas with ease.

Prolonged battery life and increased productivity with compact cordless lithum powered floor cleaner

Prolonged battery life

A single charge will give you 1 hour of cleaning. Increase your productivity, efficiency and cleanliness, even longer with change over battery.

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