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Duplex Machine has recently been featured in the following industry magazines:

Why the year of 2020 is the time for automation

Why 2020 is the time for automation

InClean Magazine, 04/12/2019View source

Murray McDonald of Duplex Cleaning writes and publishes a book to help cleaners starting their own business

Duplex's Murray McDonald writes book for BSCs

InClean Magazine, 17/05/2016View source

tips and guidance for startup cleaning product distributors, are provided through a series of workshops and training programs which also cover product knowledge

Duplex's workshops offer both business and product knowledge

InClean Magazine, 01/05/2014View source

making primary decisions in your cleaning business, for long-term success

Making key business decisions

Building Connections, 09/04/2013View source

ideas and specific information for making the best of a self-employment opportunity within the cleaning industry

Want to be your own boss? Key ways to kick start your start up

BestBusinessDeals.com.au, 10/12/2012View source

important reading about the importance of mindful business management today, for a prosperous future

How to start cleaning business article in "Mind your own business" guide

Mithra Publishing, 06/06/2012View source

interested persons can read the questions and answers article with Luke Irwin which looks at career options within the cleaning industry

Luke Irwin Q&A on Career Happiness

Family Capers, 03/05/2012View source

Considering re-entering the workforce? here are the top business skills you need to do is successfully

Top Business Skills for Re-entering the Workforce

Pocket Greens, 05/04/2012View source

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Steam Disinfection

Steam vapour machine helps to thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate your facility to prevent further outbreaks.

The 180 degrees dry heat produced by the steam machine is proven to kill 99.9% viruses and bacterias within seconds.

Browse through our steam and Duplex range