Steam Cleaning Machines for Use in Busy Homes

Duplex Cleaning Machines PTY LTD has recently been featured in the accommodation industry magazines articles.

versatile complete home cleaning system- the Jetsteam Tosca Steam Cleaner is the single most adaptable piece of equipment to sanitize your home and restore cleanliness and hygiene

Jetsteam Tosca Cleaner, 19/03/2012View source

cleaning carpets and having them dry quickly is important- and a busy mother shares her perspective on Duplex steam cleaning machines

My carpet conundrum solved

Down to Earth Mother, 12/03/2013View source

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Steam Disinfection

During these difficult times, using steam vapour machines to thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate your facility is critical. The 180 degrees heat produced by the steam boiler is proven to kill 99.9% viruses and bacterias within seconds.

As an industry leader in steam cleaning equipment distribution, we provide a range of steam disinfection solutions for your homes, businesses, commercial venues, or healthcare facilities.