Duplex Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Duplex/Duplex Steam - 340/420/620

Like all other machinery, the Duplex floor scrubbers requires regular maintenance to keep it in pristine operating condition. Not only will regular maintenace prolong the life of your machinery, but it will help improve the quality of the clean. Basic maintenace takes about 10 minutes and should be performed immediately after use.

In additional to maintenance it is recommended that Duplex floor scrubbers be serviced at least once annually. This is because the machine contains lots of gears and bearings that require servicing.

Below is a checklist and a video on regular Duplex maintenance:

applications using Duplex floorscrubber
Common Maintenance Issues

Below are common issues that may impact on cleaning quality:

  • dirty and worn brushes;
  • siezed running gears;
  • blockages in hoses, tanks;
  • lime scale build up; and
  • general wear & tear.

Duplex Floor Scrubber Basic Maintenance Tips


Clean machine after use.

Remove water tanks and recovery tank for cleaning.

Remove brushes and rinse.

Clean belts and under machine with damp cloth.

Steam Kit Descaling

Every 3 months descale the steam kit to remove scale by puting descaler mix in steam kit water tank and run steam kit over bucket.

When empty flush with a tank of water.

Tanks - Water/Steam

Check that water/steam distribution holes in the water & steam tanks are clean and clear.

If holes are blocked or dirty steam will not distribute evenly.

Conveyor Belts

Clean the black pick-up conveyor belts with a damp cloth to remove soiling.

After cleaning spray belts with Duplex Silicon Spray to prevent drying of the rubber.

Power Cord

Regularly inspect the power cord for blisters, kinks and exposed wires.

These may occur by running machine over cord or tightening cord to hard on the handle.

Trimmer Strips

Always keep white trimmer strips on recovery tank clean to ensure better pick up.

When there is a noticeable gap between strips and black belts consider replacing.


Regularly check the four wheels under the machine are clean of debris and spin easily to ensure easy transport mode.

Also check that they are level.


Reverse brushes to prevent bristle memory.

Use correct brush type for floor surface.

To ensure your cleaning machine is up to scratch have it serviced regularly by your local licensed Duplex Distributor or a Duplex trained technician. For details of your nearest service outlet contact Duplex Cleaning Machines on 1800 622 770 or contact us.

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