Complete Steam Cleaning Solutions for Gymnasium Centres and Fitness Clubs

Generally all gymnasium and fitness centres tend to have a high number of regular customers, who often use gym equipment such as treadmill, exercise bikes, and items such as dumbbells, kettle bells which are common areas that can generate human body bacteria or sweat and bodily fats due to repetitive contact and usage. Hygiene is essential to eliminating and preventing bacteria throughout gymnasium facilities to prevent spread of viruses in contact between customers in the gymnasium and fitness centres.

Gym bicycles, exercise bikes, treadmill, workout bench, elliptical machines, rowing machines, stepper and chairs can accumulate an incredible amount of unhygienic, unhealthy matters and odours from human body contact, putting the health of your customers and business reputation at risk.

Duplex Cleaning Machines are specialists in compact steam cleaning solutions and provide many of our steam cleaners that are ideal for fast, complete hygienic cleaning of gym equipment, changeroom, floors, walls, toilets. These versatile cleaning machines also reduce the environmental impact of cleaning through the significant water saving feature that does not use chemicals or any other agents and use less water. Here is the list of areas that you can clean with Duplex cleaning system:

  • Toilets
  • Shower/Changeroom
  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical machines
  • Rowing machines
  • Stepper
  • Upholstered sofa, bench, and chairs
  • Windows, drapes and curtains
  • Glass walls
  • Mattress and beds
  • and many more!


The steam cleaners uses +165°C dry steam combined with microfibre technology to deep clean and disinfect surfaces in a single pass. The Thermoglide is ideal for improving OH&S as it eliminates the repetitive injuries, slips and chemical use associated with the old mop and bucket.


At the press of a button Duplex steamers use +155°C superheated 94% dry steam to effortlessly clean, sanitise and deodorise both hard and textile surfaces. Steam is especially great for freshening fabric chairs.


Be prepared for any unfortunate outbreaks with Duplex steamers that can effectively and efficiently decontaminate textile surfaces. AS 4187 states ‘Moist heat in the form of steam under pressure is the most dependable, fast and economical method for the destruction of microbial life’.