remove accumulated dirt and grime from hard surfaced floors within hotels and accommodation facilities, using puropse-designed steam vapour cleaning equipment
restore hygiene to high traffic bathrooms in hotel and accommodation houses
professional grade cleaning equipment, suitable for clening furniture within hotel lobbies, lounges and accommodation house guest areas

Hotel Accommodation Cleaning Solutions

Maintaining high levels of cleanliness is vital for hotels as it makes up a large percentage to whether guests enjoy their stay. Cleanliness is also crucial as unhappy hotel guests are actually 3-4 time more likely to spread negative word of mouth than happy guests are to recommend a hotel.

Therefore great emphasis should be placed in hotel cleaning programs with no detail to small. However, given the physical size of most hotels completing such a detailed clean can be a monumental task; especially considering the various surfaces in most hotels.

At Duplex Cleaning Machines we have been supplying the Australian accommodation industry with cleaning solutions for twenty years. In this time we have witnessed all the daily cleaning requirements faced in hotels and understand the need for fast, effective and versatile cleaning solutions. As such Duplex has developed an exclusive range of European cleaning machines that can be used to effectively clean hard floors, carpets, corridors, beds, bathrooms, kitchens, upholstery and a lot more.