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Our 'How to Clean' advice and tips pages provide a step-by-step overview of how to improve cleaning practices for many cleaning applications, surfaces or soilings using our steam cleaning products and floorscrubbers. If you need help with a certain cleaning issue or are struggling to complete cleaning tasks in the time provided then our ‘How to Clean Cleaning Tips’ could provide the solution.

Take a look at the categories below, and learn how to clean carpets, tiles, bathrooms, kitchens, conveyor belt systems, upholstery, cars and more.

Take the hassle, doubt and time out of cleaning and let us make it easy for you by showing you the right machine to use, tools required and best practice cleaning processes.

sanitize carpets in high traffic areas quickly with our professional cleaning equipment for contractors

Carpet / Floors

  • How to clean Carpet
  • How to clean Hard Floors
  • How to clean Safety Floors
  • How to clean Flotex
  • How to clean Regupol
  • How to clean Greasy Floors
  • How to clean Industrial Floors
upholstery cleaning techniques for mattresses, furniture and curtains


  • How to clean Mattresses
  • How to clean Curtains
  • How to clean Leather
  • How to clean Suede
  • How to clean Urine Stains
cleaning vehicles- exterior painted surfaces and interior upholstery and floors


  • How to clean Interiors
  • How to clean Exteriors
  • How to clean Duco
  • How to clean Engine Bays
  • How to clean Wheels
  • How to clean Seat Belts
  • How to clean Leather
kitchen cleaning and sanitizing, dirt and grease residue removal


  • How to clean Commercial Ovens
  • How to clean Canopies
  • How to clean Greasy Floors
  • How to clean Kitchen Equipment
  • How to clean Chopping Boards
bathroom and toilet sanitizing, cleaning floors walls and touch points


  • How to clean Grout Lines
  • Clean in Less than 4 minutes
  • How to clean Toilets & Urinals
  • How to Unblock Drains
control and prevent the outbreak of infectious disease

Control Outbreaks

  • How to treat Bed Bugs
  • How to treat Gastro Outbreaks
  • How to treat Salmonella
general tips for better cleaning results


  • How to Clean in less time
  • How to Improve OH&S
  • How to clean Chemical Free
  • How to remove Chewing Gum
  • How to clean Graffiti
  • How to remove Mould
professional tips for domestic cleaners, and house cleaning contractors

Domestic Cleaning

  • How to Clean Household Floors
  • How to clean Bathrooms
  • How to clean Kitchens
  • How to clean Ovens
  • How to clean the Car

Do you have a specific cleaning question for us? Simply give us a call or send us an email and tell us what cleaning need you have. Our specialist team can provide you with the solution that will solve your unique cleaning issue.

Many of our customers have simply picked up the phone, given us a call and within minutes have had a cleaning issue solved that has plagued them for years. If this sounds like you, get in touch. No cleaning issue is too big or too small.

Our tips and advice pages also feature “how to videos” and years of tried and trusted advice for specific cleaning requirements, such as canopy cleaning, how to unblock toilet drains and mould removal.

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