Instant Tax Write Off to claim $10,000 business assetsInstant Tax Write Off to claim $10,000 business assets

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Versatile Dry Steam Vapour Machines

Excellent, effective machine that assists your cleaning and disinfection process. Dry heat produced at more than 180C temperature kills bacteria and viruses in a matter of seconds. Additional tools and attachments allows versatility and practicality for wide range of cleaning applications

  • Evo Detergent
  • Evo Water
  • Jetsteam Maxi
  • Jetsteam Maxi Inox
  • Jetsteam Inox
  • Jetsteam Tosca
  • Jetvac Eco
  • Jetvac Junior
  • Jetvac Inox
  • Jetvac Maxi

Versatile Floor Cleaners

From small to heavy duty floor scrubbers, corded with steam attachment to cordless machines, Duplex floor cleaners give you the convenience of scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, and disinfecting all at once, in any types of floors. With a water saving feature that allows you to use less water without dirtying the floor.

  • Lithium
  • Lithium evolve
  • Duplex 280
  • Duplex 340
  • Duplex 420
  • Duplex 620
  • Duplex 340 Steam
  • Duplex 420 Steam

UV Disinfection System

Find out more about our range of UV disinfection systems that is clinically proven to kill 99.9% bacteria and viruses in high-touched surfaces, rooms and air. Ensure 100% safety for your facilities.

  • MUVi Quad
  • MUVi Booth
  • MUVi TouchPoint
  • RUVi - Robotic UV disinfector
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