Jetvac Steam Vacuum Machine Maintenance

Maintaining your Jetvac steam vacuum cleaner

(applies for Jetvac models - Eco, Compact, Junior, Professional, Maxi and Major)

Regular maintainance of the JetVac steam vacuum will ensure more effective and efficient cleaning results. Basic JetVac maintenance simply requires regular boiler descaling and inspections to ensure all components like o-rings and filters are functioning correctly.

With a user friendly design maintaining a JetVac is easy and requires very few tools. Although all JetVac models contain similar boilers and vacuum systems, the maintenance techniques are different for the Eco/Compact compared with the Pro/Maxi/Major models.

Below is a checklist and a video on regular Jetvac steam vac machine maintenance:

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High boiler temperatures bring out solid impurites in the water. Over time these impurities build up and the boiler becomes less efficient, takes longer to heat up and produces a smaller quantity of steam. Scale can also cause damage to internal components.

Maintenance Checklist

Boiler Draining

Every two weeks when cold remove the boiler drainage screw under the unit to remove bulk scale deposits from the bottom of the steam boiler.

Boiler Descaling

Every 3-6 months use a descaling solution to remove fine scale deposits. Drain boiler water, fill with 1.5Lt of descale solution, boil soultion, drain when cold and rinse.


Regularly check O-Rings in connection socket and steam hose. Good O-Rings are crucial to prevent steam leaking onto hand and back into the machine.

Water Filter

In the Pro/Maxi there is a small water filter in the water tank to protect water pump. Keep clean by only putting clean water into machine.

Steam Hose

It is important not to drag the Jetvac by the hose as this stretches the internal wiring. This may cause wiring to break and some funtions stop working.


After use clean the steam tools using steam or water. If nylon bristles wear down on the large floor and triangle swivel tool they can be replaced.

Vacuum Drum

After use clean out the vacuum drum to prevent stains and odours. If possible it is also a good idea to flush inside of vacuum hose with water.

Vacuum Float

After use clean the float and mesh on the vacuum head. These are to protect the vacuum motor and may not function correctly heavily soiled. *Not on Eco/Compact

Jetvac De-scaling

To maximize the performance and the life span of your JetVac steam vacuum it is vital to perform regular boiler maintenance. This involves scale prevention and scale removal.

Bulk Scale Removal - every 1-3 weeks

The heating elements on the JetVac are classified as self cleaning as the bulk of scale falls to the bottom of the boiler for easy removal. To do so:

  1. Fill the "Boiler" with cold water (do not switch on boiler) and lightly shake the machine to dislodge any scale. (for continuous machines turn on and fill reserve tank)

  2. Place machine outside or over a bucket and remove ‘Boiler Drainage Cap’ under machine to drain water and scale from inside the boiler.

  3. Flush through 5-9Lt of water (3 x boiler size) to rinse out boiler and lightly shake ensuring all scale falls out. Continuous refilling units will need to be Turned On (not boiler) to flush

  4. Turn off the machine and replace the "Boiler Drainage Cap".

* Areas with hard water may require more regular de-scaling.

Fine Scale Removal - every 3 momths or 100 operating hours.

To remove fine scale deposits in the steam lines and pumps use a regular chemical Descaler.

  1. Purchase a scale remover – we supply and recommend "ExpressoKleen" which is a non toxic, citric acid based, powder form de-scaler in a single use sachet.

  2. Drain all water from the ‘Boiler’ of the steam generator (if continuous also ‘Reserve Tank’).

  3. Measure and mix the required amount of de-scaling solution (3 times boiler volume). If using ‘ExpressoKleen’ mix each required sachet with 1-1.5 liters of warm water.

  4. Put the de-scaling solution into steam generator ‘Boiler’, or if continuous the ‘Reserve Tank’.

  5. Turn on the steam generator, switch on boiler and boil the de-scaler for about 10 minutes.

  6. After heating the solution, turn off the ‘Boiler’ and allow 30-60 minutes for solution to cool. Once cooled, carefully remove ‘Boiler Drainage Cap’ to empty contents of the Boiler.

  7. Finally, flush the boiler with plain water to rinse out any de-scaler. For a continuous steamer, turn on the power switch (not boiler) and flush through 5-9Lt of water (3 x boiler size).

  8. To finish replace the ‘Boiler Drainage Cap’ and use the machine as usual.

If you would like to get your machine serviced by our servicing agent in-house, book a servicing with us.

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Steam Disinfection

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