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Evo Detergent

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This smart, compact and versatile unit with digital control panel produces a powerful 64 grams of steam per minute, and provides 20% more steam volume than traditional steam machines.

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  • Evo Detergent - New Steam Cleaner Smart Machine

    This compact and versatile unit produces a powerful 64 grams of steam per minute. This provides 20% more steam volume than traditional steam machines.

    It is the first machine of its kind to feature detergent injection.

    It comes in steam model.

    Benefits of Using Evo Detergent

    • Very Easy to Use
    • 24×7 Continuous Steam
    • Compact Design: Easy storage, only slightly larger than a soccer ball
    • Excellent Accessories: Heavy duty and designed for many functions
    • Powerful Steam: 165 degree Celcius steam to kill bacteria and remove stains

    Advantages of Using Evo Detergent

    • Quick and Effective
      The Evo is a powerful yet compact steam cleaner. An ideal machine that is mobile and requires only a rapid 3.5 minutes to start. With just a squeeze of the trigger, a consistent and powerful jet of 165 degree Celcius superheated steam is available for cleaning. There is no downtime to cleaning as it features automatic boiler refilling. It is very effective for cleaning and sanitising irregular surfaces or hard to reach areas.
    • Complete Range of Accessories
      With the adaptation of the steam mop tool and microfibre value-pads, it facilitates deep cleaning and sanitisation of walls and floors with ease. Multiple brush (nylon, brass and stainless steel) nozzles can also be adapted for different surfaces and needs.
    • Manoeuvrability
      Due to its compact design that is only slightly larger than a football, it can easily be transported between locations.
    • More
      Trump Temp Technology


    Supersteam Technology

    Our supersteamers do not produce just steam, but supersteam. Supersteam is superheated, dry and consistent steam that cleans better than normal steam.

    TrueTempTM Technology

    The TrueTemp device marks a breakthrough in steam cleaning technology and reliability.

    Advanced Self Cleaning Boilers

    The boiler is the heart of all steam cleaners. And we take great pride in having the best boilers in the industry: self cleaning boilers that require little maintenance.

    24 x 7 Continuous Steam

    The Evo is capable of 24×7 continuous steam. This automatic refill system ensures that your steam never runs out even after hours of cleaning.

    Multi-Safe Protection System

    When you invest in Evo, you buy an ease of mind too. Your users are safe using the machine as they are protected by a 6 Level Multi-Safe Protection System.


    Unique Features Evo Detergent

    A two-in-one Machine

    With a water and detergent injection combination, this machine is truly a first of its kind. For water only machines that come across dirt or debris that won’t dislodge, an environmentally friendly chemical injection will ensure that you will be left with that deep cleaned surface.

    Made from Steel

    Don’t let its compact and lightweight size fool you. Made from steel, the Evo is a robust machine. Strong and hardy, yet still a manoeuverable and transportable powerful steam generator.

    Total Control

    At the click of a switch, the steam pressure hand control allows you to choose between minimum, medium and maximum steam pressure so you get the right steam power for your cleaning task at hand.

    A Tool For Every Job

    Our robust and durable accessories allow you to complete hundreds of cleaning tasks, from bathroom cleaning to upholstery cleaning, or, oven cleaning to fridge cleaning.
    No nook and cranny or grout or crevice will go untouched.

    Never Run Out of Water

    Our easy “connect and go” feature allows for a hose to be plugged directly into the machine providing a 24/7, continuous water supply.

    No cleaning downtime, no stopping to fill up your machine.

    Self Cleaning Powerhouse

    At the heart of every great machine is the boiler. Both models automatically shake off and break up dirt to self clean.

    Debris Blaster

    Hot H20 injection flushes away debris and build up.


    Evo Detergent

    Boiler Stainless Steel AISI 304
    Body Steel P04
    Boiler Volume 1,5 L
    Water Tank 3 L
    Operating Pressure 6 Bar
    Steam Production 64 g/min or 3,8 kg/h
    Steam Temperature 165 °C
    Power Supply 230V – 50/60 Hz
    Maximum Output 2.45 kW
    Boiler Output 2,4 kW
    Power Cord 5m
    Weight 14kg
    Packaging Dimensions 50 x 30 x 40cm

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