Spring Cleaning and Disinfection with Duplex

Spring Cleaning and Disinfection 2020

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Green Cleaning Process and Procedure

Spring Cleaning and Disinfection Congress



Spring Cleaning and Disinfection Congress

Tues 22nd and Wed 23rd Sept 2020
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Spring Cleaning and Disinfection Events

We provide online ZOOM demonstration on key spring cleaning applications
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Spring Green Cleaning Floors to Prevent OH&S issues



Versatile Duplex floor cleaner for range of flooring

Duplex floor machine can clean different types of floors
Types of Flooring Surfaces

Cordless Corridor Cleaning without Hassles



Cleaning Corridors without Wires

Duplex Lithium cordless battery powered machine for wireless cleaning
Lithium cordless floor cleaning

Carpets, Stains and Spots Cleaning



Deep clean spots and stains from carpets

Learn how to perform spills management
Remove spots and spills from carpets

Take advantage of our complimentary online course



Duplex offers online course dedicated on green cleaning applications

Learn more about green cleaning course
Green Cleaning Course


Join us for the challenge and be aware of the health risks of chemicals:

Chemicals in your facility:

Many everyday activities around the facility involves the use of toxic chemicals.

Facility cleaners, paints and detergents can all be hazardous to our health and the environment.

Environmental impacts:

  • Many cleaners impact local waterways via stormwater drains and sewerage systems.
  • The high phosphate content of detergents can cause algal blooms that grow dense enough to sufficate aquatic life.
  • The manufacture of some cleaners can result in the release of harmful chemical compounds that bio-accumulate up food chains.
  • There are also concerns about the amount of packaging, transport and animal testing practices associated with commecial cleaners

Health impacts:

  • Over 100 chemicals commonly found have been linked to allergies, cancer, headaches, depression, chronic fatique, and respiratory problems
  • The health impacts of any cleaner are determined by the toxicity of each chemical ingredient, your exposure to the substance and your personal sensitivity.
  • Most impacts relate to low level, cumulative exposures, rather than acute poisioning. Children and seniors are especially vulnerable.

Green Cleaners:

  • Over 100 chemicals commonly found have been linked to allergies, cancer, headaches, depression, chronic fatique, and respiratory problems
  • Many commercial cleaners are simply more concentrated or more chemically active versions of simpler cleaners that can be made from basic, non-toxic ingredients found in the facilities.
  • Many of these substances are used in cooking and rapidly biodegrade in the environment.

Spring "How to Green Clean" Workshop

Different applications of green cleaning in the spring season.

Green clean bathroom in 4 mins

Chemical-free and natural steam cleaning

Chemical-free and natural steam cleaning

No chemicals needed to clean all areas in the bathroom

OH&S Friendly

OHS Friendly

No hard scrubbing or manually bend down to clean difficult areas.

Versatile Tools

Versatile Tools

Use a variety of tools and accessory kits to clean different areas of a bathroom

  • Disinfect toilet seats
  • Disinfect bathroom vanities and furniture
  • Deep clean shower taps, rails and shower box
  • Deep clean tiles and floors

Next Online Demo Event: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 2:00 PM


Green clean kitchen and BBQ area for better hygiene

Melts away the grease and grime

Melts away the grease and grime

Oily grimes are removed easily within seconds.

Removes grease and food residue

Removes grease and food residue

Deep clean canopies and ovens to eliminate greases.



Clean and remove stubborn stains in kitchen racks and equipment

  • Degrease oily and greasy surfaces
  • Deep clean canopy and BBQ surfaces
  • Detail clean BBQ and cutlery equipment

Next BBQ Cleaning Online Demo Event: Wed, 9 Sept 2020 1:00 PM


Green clean floors and carpet for prestine condition

Deep clean the tiles and grouts with steam

Duplex Steam cleans the hard floor and tiles

Restores the hard tiles and grout to prestine condition.

Cleans all type of floors and carpets

Duplex cleans effectively across different kinds of flooring

Cleans flooring in one single pass no matter how flooring across is different.

Steaming and hydrating surfaces

Steaming hardwood floors

Steam clean and hydrate floors including hardwood, safety and tiles

  • Cleans all types of floors and carpets
  • Thermally sanitise and deep clean floors/carpets
  • Prevents OH&S issues and slippery surfaces
  • Disinfect floors/carpets and remove bacteria instantly

Next Online Demo Event: Tues, 13 Oct 2020 2:00 PM


Green clean rooms for cleanliness

Sanitise and hydrate upholstered surfaces

Sanitise upholstered surfaces

Green deep clean and remove bugs safely from upholstery with steam vapour

Deep clean floors with steam vapour

Accommodation hotel floor cleaning

Green eco-friendly floor mopping system

Bathroom disinfection

Disinfecting bathrooms in accommodation and domestic industries with steam vapour system

Disinfect and sanitise all bathroom furniture and vanities

Green cleaning and disinfecting upholstery

Deep clean and disinfect sofas

Sanitise upholstered sofa and chair surfaces

Disinfect sofas and chair with steam vapour

Remove bacteria from drapes

Drape and Curtain Cleaning

Thermally sanitise drapes and curtains

Complete mattress disinfection

Disinfecting mattresses and beds in accommodation and domestic industries with steam vapour system

Disinfect and sanitise mattresses and bed frames

  • Disinfect mattress
  • Remove bed bugs
  • Refresh upholstered surfaces

Deep Scrubbing Hard Floor & Restoration

Deep Clean and Restore Hard Floors

Sanitise upholstered surfaces

Green deep clean and remove hard stains and excess grouts from hard floors

Deep Clean Most Stubborn Hard Surfaces

Deep Clean tiles

Duplex floor cleaner can effectively clean and restore grout lines.

Floor Disinfection

Disinfecting flooring in all industries with Duplex system

Disinfect and sanitise all types of flooring

  • Disinfect hard floors and surfaces
  • Restore grout lines
  • Refresh hard surfaces without chemicals

Next Online Demo Event: Wed, 7 Oct 2020 1:00 PM


Deep cleaning oven, canopy and stove tops

Degrease stubborn oily ovens and stove tops

Deep clean and degrease oily ovens

Disinfect sofas and chair with steam vapour

Disinfect overhead hood, splashback and canopy

Disinfect rangehood, bench tops and canopy

Thermally deep clean rangehood, walls and canopy

Complete disinfection of high touch surfaces

Disinfecting high touch surfaces within oven, canopy and kitchen environment in all industries with steam vapour system

Disinfect stainless steel surfaces as well as bench tops

  • Disinfect high touch surfaces surrounding ovens and stove tops
  • Deep clean rangehood and canopy
  • Thermally disinfect knobs and buttons in the oven

Next Online Demo Event: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 1:00 PM


Spring Green Cleaning Products

Browse our range of environmentally friendly, green cleaning machines.

Duplex 280

Duplex 280

The Duplex 280 is a smaller lighter version of the world renowned Duplex floor washer range and is ideal for cleaning small areas of hard floor or carpet. See more.

Duplex 420

Duplex 420

The Duplex 420 is a medium sized commercial hard floor and carpet cleaner that is great for fast, effective and easy cleaning in small or large areas. See more.

Jetsteam Maxi

Jetsteam Maxi

The JetSteam Maxi is a compact but powerful steam cleaner with continuous refill, hot water injection & 8 Bar pressure. Our most popular machine. See more.

Jetvac Junior

Jetvac Junior

The JetVac Junior is the latest addition to the JetVac commercial steam vacuum range and is already a hit. See more.

Microfibre Glove

Microfibre Glove

Microfibre, is a man made synthetic textile fibre usually made of very fine nylon or polyester fibre strands of less than one denier; hence the term micro in microfibre. See more.

Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre cloths are ideal for cleaning as they very soft yet durable, highly absorbent, stain resistant to oils and boast incredible cleaning power. See more.



The Fast Vac is a commercial upright vacuum cleaner available in two sizes that is ideal for producing great carpet vacuum cleaning results. See more.

Duplex Lithium Evolve

Lithium Evolve

It has never been easier to clean floors without cables, being cordless. The innovative battery powered, cable-less compact mini floor cleaner requiring no chemicals or water. See more.

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To book for spring cleaning or request demonstration on the machine for spring cleaning, contact Duplex Cleaning Machines on 1800 622 770 or contact us.

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