Spring Promotion


It's that time of the year again - Spring!

Purchase any Jetsteam Maxi, Evo or Inox models and receive a BONUS Mini Mop Kit

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Jetsteam Maxi

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Jetsteam Evo

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Jetsteam Inox

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Free Mini Mop Kit

The Mini Mop Kit can be attached to your chosen steam machine to complete advanced bathroom, kitchen and surface cleaning applications (Valued at $365).

The Mini Mop Kit comes with the following items:


  • Microfibre Cloths (x5):

    Microfibre cloths are used in conjunction with steam vapour to effectively pick-up dirt, grime and bacteria, as well as wipe up surfaces of any leftover residue.
Microfibre cloths in the steam kit


  • Microfibre Mitts (x5):

    The microfibre mitt can be used in conjuction with a steam lance to deep clean high touch surfaces.
Microfibre mitts


  • 30cm Microfibre Pads (x5):

    The 30cm microfibre pad is an attachment for the mini mop tool. This is an ideal tool to steam vapour clean open surfaces such as mattresses beds and wall surfaces.
Microfibre pads


  • 40cm Microfibre Pads (x5):

    The 40cm microfibre pad is an attachment for the mini mop tool. This is an ideal tool for cleaning large, flat surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings.
Thermoglide pads


  • Mini Mop Tool (x1):

    The mini mop tool is ideal to use when steam vapour cleaning surfaces such as beds, walls, mirrors and more.
Mini Mop Tool



Promotion valid from 1st - 30th September 2017

How to redeem:

To claim bonus mini mop kit, download and fill out redemption form (click the button below) then submit the form by email to Head Office with proof of your purchase on any machine dated between 1 September and 30 September 2017.

Redemption Form

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