Tecnovap Steam Cleaners, Steam Mops, Steam Vapour Guns and Vacuums for Cleaning Contractors and use in Heavy Floor Traffic Areas, Automotive Detailing, Accommodation and Health Sector

Duplex Cleaning Machines exclusively supplies Italian manufactured Tecnovap commercial steam cleaning machines in Australia and New Zealand. With over 30 steam cleaner and steam vacuum machines available; Duplex Cleaning Machines has steam cleaners suitable for all small commercial through to heavy industrial steam cleaning applications.

Steam cleaning products in the Duplex range are in 4 categories; Steam Cleaners, Steam Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial Steam Cleaners and Steam Cleaner Accessories. Find out more about our steam cleaner range below.

Steam Cleaners

Steam Vacuum Cleaners

Contact Us for more information or a demonstration on the Duplex steam cleaning equipment and steam vacuum range, call call 1800 622 770 or enquire by clicking here.

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Steam Disinfection

During these difficult times, using steam vapour machines to thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate your facility is critical. The 180 degrees heat produced by the steam boiler is proven to kill 99.9% viruses and bacterias within seconds.

As an industry leader in steam cleaning equipment distribution, we provide a range of steam disinfection solutions for your homes, businesses, commercial venues, or healthcare facilities.