High Powered Wet Vacuums and Dry Vacuum Cleaners for Long Lap Floor Cleaning to Domestic Use

Duplex are cleaning specialists, providing customers the best wet and dry vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners in Australia and New Zealand.

The Duplex range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners will suit your commercial and domestic needs. The Duplex upright vacuum cleaners all operate for long periods of time without the need to change water filter or vacuum cleaner bags.

Duplex is a family owned company that has been offering the biggest range of vacuums with our new water filter vacuum cleaners.

Browse through our range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners and upright vacuum cleaners and notice the large selection of adjustable accessories to suit your vacuum model, with a combination of floor tools and water filter vacuum attachments.


Contact Us for more information or a demonstration on the Duplex floor cleaner equipment range, call 1800 622 770 or enquire by clicking here.

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Steam Disinfection

Steam vapour machine helps to thoroughly disinfect and decontaminate your facility to prevent further outbreaks.

The 180 degrees dry heat produced by the steam machine is proven to kill 99.9% viruses and bacterias within seconds.

Browse through our steam and Duplex range